About Us



MIXON srl was born in 2010 by the will of a group of professionals with a previous experience in concrete batching plants.

The union of different competences and know-hows gave birth to a versatile and dynamic company, which has been able to take advantage of market changes and new demands’ rise over the year by the development of a wide range of products, gaining a solid and steady position in both domestic and foreign markets.

The company operates in the field of design and production of concrete mixing plants, as well as in the modification, maintenance and renovation of existing plants, distinguishing itself in the market landscape thanks to continuous innovation and expansion of the product range, in order to reach more and more customer segments and satisfy any type of need.


Continuous growth and constant know-how up dating, as well as a flexibility applied to all company processes are the real values that the company is grounded in.

The product development has always been propped up by the continuous research and innovation promoted by the company itself, which have positively affected not only the mere production, but also customer relationship.

Every stumble and each misfire have helped company to improve in its field.


Since the beginning MIXON growth has been controlled and limited when needed, in order to avoid that an uncontrolled growth could have a negative effect on company flexibility and therefore led to a business situation barely manageable that could compromise the whole existence of company itself.

MIXON pursues a development that has to be, on one hand, shrunk and deeply geographically located, as only a small company can afford, and on the other hand overseas oriented.

As a consequence, MIXON mission aims at enlarging product portfolio to meet both domestic and overseas demand and, at the same time, offering always a durable and versatile product.

Research & Development

Technological and material developments are what MIXON is based on. For years MIXON has patented innovating solutions coming from tests led by company technicians.

Every discovery and improvement has been successively used as base for advanced solutions to be proposed to customer.

Company most effective and innovative outcomes consist of:

Design of containment hoppers with bolted and removable anti-wear materials;

Closed chain systems for the transport and dosing of powders and micro granules;

– A new range of mobile batching plants for construction sites and precast.

Territoriality & Sport

]The link with the place and the passion for the sport have always pushed Mixon to support local sports activities.

Today Mixon is one of the main sponsors of local volleyball and football teams, supporting them in their commitment to lead Umbria region in the international and European championships.